SOAR for Justice is committed to helping survivors rise for justice and have a strong voice for change. We use this blog space to share information and raise awareness about topics relevant to our mission.

No one deserves to be hurt by an intimate partner at work, yet domestic violence is a serious problem affecting worker safety and productivity every day in the United States. Learn more about the dangers of violence in the workplace in our public awareness video. Be aware. Take action.

Everyday survivors of domestic violence are making the courageous choice to break free of abuse. You can too. Watch our inspirational video dedicated to survivors of abuse. Help is available.

SOAR for Justice's Founder & Director, Dovie Yoana King, was a featured panelist at the "Unions in the Legal Profession" event held at Harvard Law School. She is a passionate domestic violence advocate committed to raising awareness about labor's role in addressing intimate partner abuse in the workplace. Read about what labor unions can do to help.

One of the first steps survivors of domestic violence take in our healing process is psychoeducation about narcissism and emotional abuse. Many of us are beset with post traumatic stress symptoms and by understanding the tactics employed upon us by our abusers, we equip ourselves to reduce the impact of the trauma. With this, comes a new language of empowerment. Here is a sampler of vocabulary words commonly used by survivors in our daily vernacular. Language matters.

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